Summary: A report of the FSFE assembly and activity during the 33rd edition of the Chaos Communication Congress (CCC), in short “33C3”. It is mainly a visual report along some pictures.

I am happy to see our assembly growing every year and having the possibility to bring our message of Software Freedom to the people at the Chaos Communication Congress (CCC) is priceless. The CCC is Germany’s biggest annual meetup of hackers and political activists that share knowledge concerning the most burning issues in the Internet like data retention and data leeches, hatespeech, whistleblowing or space travel.

What started a few years ago with a single table, some leaflets, Dominic, Eike and me, now has grown into an assembly with 12 members and 21 sessions in three days. Being the host for likeminded organisations, host of noGame and offering workshops, workspace, get together, Free-Software-Song sing-along sessions …

But, as promised in the summary, I will let some pictures speak from here on. If you are interested in more information about our sessions, people and content, get it at the FSFE assembly’s 33c3-wiki-page.

FSFE’s assembly:

CCH turned into CCC

The FSFE assembly in its mobile version … thanks to the great interest, we happily had just had to bring one carton back
Made it work: Olga Gkotsopoulou, our head of booth
Version 0.9 of the assembly
noGame at the FSFE assembly
One of our Free Software song sing-along sessions with conductor, flutes, guitar … and love
No party without I love Free Software balloon

Our diverse sessions:

Max Mehl about “Routerzwang und Funkabschottung – und was Aktivisten davon lernen können” in the main program of 33C3
Greta Doçi and Daniel Kinzler fill up a room with their session about Wikidata query and visualization
Crowded room during What makes a secure mobile messenger? by Hannes Hauswedell
Eileen Wagner and Elisa Lindinger, from the Open Knowledge Foundation DE, presenting the Prototype Fund that offers 1.2 Million Euros for Free Software Projects
Volker Birk explains Privacy by default with pretty Easy privacy (p≡p)
Katharina Nocun gives an outlook to FSFE’s new campaign “Public Money Public Code” during Arne Semrotts FragDenStaat-session
Hanno Böck, free journalist, discusses Are decentralized services unable to innovate? with a full-packed room.
Sam Tuke, CEO of phpList, explains methods and best practice for business in Free Software
Greta Doçi and Jan-Christoph Borchardt in their session about Gender diversity in the Free Software community
Chris Schabesberger introduces NewPipe, a Free Youtube/Streaming app for Android

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