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Free Software that makes your life more beautiful:

Audacity (Free Audio Editor), Clementine (Music Player), Clementine Remote (Clementine remote control app), DAVx⁵ (Dav Sync), F-Droid (Free Software App Repository for Android), Filezilla (FTP client), Firefox (Browser), Giggity (Conference Scheduler), Gnome (GNU/Linux Desktop Environment), Geany (text editor), Gimp (Image manipulation), GnuPG (Email encryption), Gtimelog (time tracking application), Hugin (Panorama photo stitcher), Inkscape (Vector graphics editor), OpenShot (Video editor), K-9 (Mobile Mail App), Libre Office (Free Office Suite), Mastalab (Mastodon app), Mastodon (distributed, federated FOSS social network), Matomo (Open Analytics Platform), Nextcloud (Your own cloud), Open Streetmap (Free maps and navigation), Osmand (Open Streetmap Navigation App), RawTherapee (Raw-image manipulation), Scribus (Publishing Tool), StreetComplete (OpenStreetMap gamification), Thunderbird (Email client), Tilda (drop down terminal), Transportr (Public Transport Companion), VLC (Video client), WordPress (CMS), Zotero (citation and literature management)


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