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FSFE assembly during Chaos Communication Congress #32C3

FSFE assembly on CCCamp15
FSFE assembly on CCCamp15
On December 27 to 30 there will be the 32nd Chaos Communication Congress happening in Hamburg, Germany. FSFE will be there with an assembly. This assembly will be a booth where you can pass by, have a chat, inform yourself or get some merchandise. And it will be a space for and by our Fellows, friends and supporters to meet, share and organise. There will be a bunch of self-organised sessions, mainly about specific Free Software projects, about encryption and decentralized, federated social networks. Also, check out our special activities: the Free Software song sing-along and the GNU/Burger. Finally, we will bring all kind of up-to-date information material and the latest merchandise, including our “NoCloud”-Shirt.

About our place:
We will offer an information booth with our promotion material and merchandise equipment. Behind that booth there will be some chairs and tables to meet and discuss. If you like to meet our community, staff and GA members, the FSFE assembly is the best place to do so.

It is planned every evening to have 2 hours of “GNU/Burger” – burgers with a GNU brand on top and a GNU FDL-licensed receipt. Pass by and use, study, share and improve it.

On the second day, on Monday 28.12., at 14:00 we will have a spontaneous Free Software song sing-along choir. Everyone is invited to help singing. If you like Free Software, then “join us now and share the so-o-ftware”

Self-organized sessions:
Below is a list of our self-organized sessions as is the state on 20 December 2015. Please check our assembly page for updated information

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Report des Berliner FSFE Treffen am 9.Januar 2014

Kai und Luca sind noch neue Mitglieder in unserer monatlichen Fellowship-Runde, haben beim letzten Treffen aber gleich ihren Einstand gegeben: Luca mit einem Bericht von der Mobilize!-Konferenz “Whatever Happened Privacy” und Kai mit einer Übersicht über alternative Suchmaschinen. Leider war der Autor selbst krank, deshalb kann ich nur wiedergeben, was mir als Zusammenfassung zugespielt wurde. Vielen Dank dafür, wäre gerne da gewesen:

Whatever happened to privacy?

Luca legte in seiner Zusammenfassung den Fokus auf die Themen Verletzung der Privatsphäre, Demokratie und Widerstand. Dankenswerterweise stellt er die Folien seines Vortrags auf seiner Fellowship-Seite zur Verfügung.

Google-Websuche – Welche Alternativen haben wir?

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