If you know the Free Software Foundation Europe and you like what we are doing, there are a lot of ways and possibilities, how to support our work. You might join a local Fellowship group, subsribe to the newsletter, become a Fellow, […] or – newly – become a supporter.

What does that mean – supporter of FSFE? Being a supporter of FSFE shows that you care about Software Freedom and that you support the never ending work of the FSFE towards a world of Free Software. To become a supporter, it just takes you two minutes and no costs are involved. But every supporter increases the weight and importance of FSFE when we talk to politicians or work on other public levels. With this easy way of supporting the FSFE, bit by bit, we might grow into an organisation who is supported by then thousands of Europeans out there. Be one of them! Increase our voice! Show your support!

I am already a Fellow – why become a supporter now? Thank you very much for being a Fellow of FSFE. This is the definitely the best way to support our work and to get in contact with other people that think likewise. But even as you are already supporting FSFE in the best way, please be aware, that our supporter form is an opt-in form. That means if you are a Fellow, you will not automatically be listed as a supporter. To further increase our voice, please subsribe to be a supporter, too.

Spread the message As you will see, becoming a supporter is just a few clicks away. And as there are no costs involved, you can easily spread the message among your friends. People that you know of, who care about Software Freedom, but do not (yet) like to become Fellow, for example. Or all your friends, your family, […] ask them to do you a favor!

Plus: To have some fun, just add ?yourname at the end of the supporter-URL (http://www.fsfe.org/support), for example


Then you will be able to see in the statistics how many people you succesfully encouraged to support FSFE if you look at:


Good luck! And thank you very much!