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tl;dr: The deadline of the Call for Participation for the first FSFE European summit is extended to May 29.

“It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” (multiple sources [2]) And if you organize a large conference for the first time, you have to do a lot of tough predictions. How many people will attend? Who are the interested speakers? What is your community going to organize? A lot of questions whose answers sometimes depend on or influence each other. For example, if a lot of people attend, speakers get interested in talking. Or if the community organises interesting opportunities to share and learn, more people are likely to attend and so forth.

This leaves you with a hard time for fundraising. Because when you do your summit for the first time, you have nothing to show. The only thing you have is prediction but donors like to see numbers and names. That is why the QtCon-team decided for a short deadline in the first place. We needed to get some feedback to back our predictions.

Fortunately, we received hugh interest by the community and a number of very interesting submissions so far. This convinces us, that we are on a good way and that we will manage to raise enough funds for the project once the Agends is set. On the other hand, we received messages of people who like to submit a proposal but feel that the deadline is too short to prepare it properly.

Now that we feel strenghtened and backed by our community we like to give more people the chance to take part in the first FSFE European summit and decided to extend the deadline of our Call for Participation until May 29.

FSFEsummit 2016

Picture / Logo: http://polr.me/vfc – Hashtag: #FSFEsummit

[1] CC-BY-SA 2.0 by Erik Albers, based on CC-BY-SA 2.0 by Eva Rinaldi
[2] The origin seems to come from a Danish proverb and circulated from there.