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How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? is a wiki where people can ask something and someone else responds. My question: “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”.


A woodchuck would only chuck as much would as Chuck Norris would allow it to, because the woodchuck shares Chuck’s name. Therefore, Chuck must punish it and make it chuck as much wood as Chuck can. So, a woodchuck would chuck as much wood as Chuck could.

The right to install Free Software on any device

Last weekend, the German Pirate Party held its federal party convent to discuss and potentially agree on various amendments to their manifesto. Among them, there was amendment number 551: “Freie Softwareinstallation statt App-Store-Zwang” (German). A proposal, that aims at giving every user the right to install whatever software he likes on any computer-like device – instead of being locked to the vendors app-store.

More precise, the content of this proposal reads like:

Given by law, there is the right for free installation of whatever software you like on any ‘computer-like’ device. For the vendor, it’s legal to sell a locked device – but unlocking the device by the user must be implemented in an easy way by the default operating system. All software that will be installed, must be given the possibility for full access to all interfaces of the device. In addition, warranty may not be declared void after installation of software by the user. This must be true for manufacturers warranty as well as the one from your provider.
‘computer-like’ devices, and therefore affected by this law, are all information-processing devices whose operating system basically allows to install additional software. Not included should be devices for industrial or security purposes as well as devices that can physically harm someone, eg. cars or kitchen inventory.

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My experience with Ubuntu running on a Nexus 7

Last week, together with Torsten @grote Grote, I attended SFScon to give a FreeYourAndroid workshop. Thanks to Patrick @ohnewein Ohnewein and Shaun @shaunschutte Schutte, we had the chance to use two Nexus 7 for every purpose. We decided to install Cyanogenmod on one and Ubuntu on the other.

Installing Ubuntu was my turn and I was looking forward to a “one-click process for installing Ubuntu”. Ubuntu and Canonical might be debatable but I think what they do is a very interesting idea and a first step to spread GNU/Linux operating systems on mobile devices like tablets.

I followed the installation guide from Ubuntus wiki. First surprise was that you need another computer that runs Ubuntu to actually install Ubuntu from there on the Nexus S7. Would be a nice feature, if further developments go for an image that you just need to copy to the tablet and then let run the installation by the tablet itself. For now it would be worth a try and seems like some fun to use a tablet that runs Ubuntu to install Ubuntu on the next tablet. Unfortunately, I hadn’t had the chance to try this out.

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Free Society Conference and Nordic summit 2012

Last weekend I was attending FSCONS, where I was giving a FreeYourAndroid-workshop as well as my first talk about FSFE’s FreeYourAndroid campaign. I have never been to FSCONS before and I was quite surprised by its familiar atmosphere. Some special fun came up with the Karaoke event at Saturday night, where in the end nearly the whole FSFE team was amusing itself as well as the rest of the conference.

FSCONS is co-organised by the FSFE, hence it was a great opportunity to meet Fellows from all Northern Europe at this conference. Beside other talks, I enjoyed a lot the talks given by Karsten @karsten Gerloff and Otto @otto Kekäläinen. The first one impressed by giving an easy to follow and free talk with just using a few slides. The latter one came up with very good insights on how big companies try to convince decision makers – and how you succeed best in counterarguing. Just the same day, Otto Kekäläinen also received the Nordic Free Software Award 2012 for his important contributions to Software Freedom.

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Software Freedom Kosova 2012

Fortunately, I was invited to give a talk @ Software Freedom Kosova 2012 (#SFK12) about why Free Software needs a lobby. SFK12 was organised by Free Libre Open Source Software Kosova (#FLOSSK) and the whole conference was an amazing experience. Late at night, Ariana and Behar picked me up at the airport, and I was promptly invited to come to the FLOSSK-office to meet the whole team. The mood there was very familiar and friendly and the team was supporting the speakers all the time. Thank you all for your great work! Special thanks to Mike @h4ck3rm1k3 Dupont for keeping calm the whole time while being head of this enjoyable but crazy family.

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Hit me with music

Das Ende einer siebenjährigen Beziehung – erzählt in elf musikalischen Akten.
Gelistet nach: Bandname – Songtitel (Albumtitel, Baujahr)

== Auftakt ==
Funkenstein – Fragezeichen (Think about it, 2008)
Cat Stevens – If you want to sing out, sing out (Harold and Maude, 1970)

== Martyrium ==
Shokei – Qualifying (Split 12″ w/ Kids Explode, 2006)
Der Endgegner – Surf naar Aken (Press Start Button, 2007)
Bondage Fairies – Disco Fever (What you didn’t know when you hired me, 2006)
Against Me! – You look like I need a drink (Americans Abroad!!!, 2006)
Sublime – Trenchtown rock (Second-hand Smoke, 1997)

== Katharsis ==
Oma Hans – Aus Stahl (Peggy, 2005)
Knochenfabrik – Darum (Kaufehlermessung, 1997)
Die Ärzte – Die Allerschürfste (Wir wollen nur deine Seele, 1999)
Tocotronic – Jetzt geht wieder alles von vorne los (Wir kommen um uns zu beschweren, 1996)

[Anmerkung: Die Links wurden dort gesetzt, wo Bands ihre Musik auf ihrer eigenen Homepage zum anhören anbieten und keine Drittanbieter involviert sind]

Wohnungssuche in Berlin

WG-Zimmer Suche ist nicht einfach in Berlin, sagt man. Wobei, das hat man bisher in jeder Stadt gesagt in die ich gezogen bin. Aber in Berlin, da kann ich das dann jetzt bestätigen. Sicherlich hängt es auch vom eigenen Anspruch ab. Eine Bleibe zu suchen ist vermutlich einfach, ein Zuhause finden aber schon weitaus schwieriger.
Jeden Tag ploppen zwar 10 neue WGs auf aber man muss auch mit 100 Anwärter pro Zimmer rechnen. Das sorgt für jede Menge Konkurrenz und zwangsläufig wenig Einladungen. Also musste ich am Ende aus der Alten rausziehen ohne eine neue Wohnung zu haben. Gut, ich habe natürlich auch viel zu spät mit der Suche angefangen. Es waren drei Wochen auf den Sofas Berlins angesagt – Wohnung suchend. Für alle die eine Wohnung suchen oder auch nicht, hier eine kleine Zusammenfassung meiner Erfahrung.

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